Vape suppliers have to get tobacco license for vape business since Oct. 2022

China Tobacco, the cigarette market supervisor, issued a document on its official website on Thursday requiring domestic e-cigarette manufacturers and traders to obtain a license before operating their business, further tightening the regulations for e-cigarettes. The new rules will be implemented from October 1, 2022.

  • To be eligible for a production license, companies must meet the below criteria:
  • Have an appropriate amount of funding for the production of e-cigarettes;
  • Have the necessary technology, and equipment required for the production of e-cigarettes;
  • Comply with the national e-cigarette industry policy requirements; and
  • Other criteria stipulated by the STMA.

only 548 qualified companies got it at present, and Banana Times is one of them, Banana Times is qualified to offer best products and service for customers.

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